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Tableau Stories

Next on the Tableau Intro Course list here are guides to creating a story (vids 17 & 18).

These videos talk about using individual vizzes in html, using complex or long dashboards to tell a story, or using multiple tabs.

The source data is here.

The creation of a story depends on how you want your story to flow. Maybe you want to review the overall data before narrowing on a specific point. Maybe you start at a specific point and then zoom out. Regardless, your story should follow a number of points overall. For example, a story should involve points that prove "this", so that in the end you can say, "therefore, that".

The story I created from the training guides is again updated from an update from my previous vizabout CO2 emissions. This update uses story points - each point being a separate tab and "point" within the story (hence the name, eh?). The first point is just a cover. The following points just show the overall CO2 emissions as well as per-capita CO2 emissions, and points out the leaders in each of those categories. Finally, it concludes with an interactive dashboard to allow the end user to explore the data themself.

Since I have used the same data for a few vizzes now, I'm chock out of thoughts about interesting next steps! The previous ones remain valid for this dataset, and I'll continue with the "interesting steps" when I start on new data. Shouldn't be long!

Hope you enjoyed! More to come.

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