Garrett Mayock's Intermediate Tableau

Intermediate Tableau

Here is another exercise based on the Tableau Intro Course here, specifically videos 7 - 16.

These exercises involve data preparation, a deeper look at convenient visualization options, and adding interactivity to a dashboard.

The source data is here.

The data prep exercises involved data cleaning, such as joining and unioning tables, splitting columnar data, and pivoting data. They also showed how to use Tableau Data Interpreter to automate some data-cleaning where possible. One trouble-shooting feature of the Interpreter is exporting a marked Excel file. This file shows what Tableau interpreted as headers and data on each tab.

The interactivity exercises mostly focused on how to create and edit filters, use floating or fixed pieces on a dashboard, create an action to highlight data on related vizzes, and so on. The resulting viz is an update from my first viz which shows CO2 emissions per capita in 2011 and over time. This update includes a year filter and a region filter, changes the map format, and finally a highlight instead of filter action (on the "Over Time" viz) upon clicking a country on the map.

Also, I changed the default tooltip to be the Pan tooltip, so no more needing to shift+click to move the map!

An interesting next step would be calculate the population for each country (and hence region) using CO2 (kt) and CO2 per capita, then comparing average CO2 per capita emissions by region. Although using the average of the CO2 emissions per capita is recommended in the Tableau guide videos, there is no evidence this does anything but average the actual CO2 Per Capita values. If one country has annual CO2 emissions per capita of 100 metric tons, and another has annual CO2 emissions per capita of 2 metric tons, the straight average would show 51 metric tons per capita. Well, if the first country only has 1 person living there, and the latter has a billion, the properly weighted average would be 2 metric tons.

Hope you enjoyed! More to come.

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