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Tableau PDF Files

Here is another viz based on the Tableau Intro Course here.

This exercise involved loading PDF data, cleaning it, and then charting it. The Tableau guide stops after the data is successfully ingested, so the viz design is all mine.

The source data (here, page 14) was easy for a human to read, but not a machine:

Tableau read the data across three tables. Appending table 2 onto table 3 lead to complete (albeit messy) results:

Next steps were to merge the inflows and F1 column, and rename it water sources. Then rename "F2"-"F17" to "1995" - "2010". Then I added a filter to remove extra rows, and pivoted the data to get Water Source, Year, and Million Cubic Meters each in columns. This involved hiding the Table Name column. Then it was one more filter to remove the remaining null values, before the guide ended and I started working independently on the viz.

Since the data is quite simple, the visualization doesn't allow for much data exploration beyond what's presented at first. However, if the source data was a database instead of a PDF, there would probably be more data to dig into.

An interesting next step would be to look at change in storage throughout the year if information were available - perhaps the seasonality in New Zealand means storage increases during a rainy season and reduces during a dry season. Or, if there were spatial information, to look at where the inflows are in New Zealand versus the outflows.

Hope you enjoyed! More to come.

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