Garrett Mayock's Tableau Vizzes

Tableau Work

Hi folks! Here I'll be linking to my blogs about Tableau as well as pages that embed the relevant viz!

Be sure to check out my Tableau Public profile.

As of January 9th, 2019, I've finished Intro to Tableau Public course on Tableau's website, and decided to put it together by creating my own CV (the sixth item in the list below). Check it out! Eventually, I'll take the ~7.5 hours of live trainings here, or the ~26.5 hours of pre-recorded official training on YouTube.

And now the vizzes:

  1. My first viz - a look at worldwide CO2 emissions (and an interesting discovery about Kuwait).
  2. Using spatial files - mapping fish types per river basin, and CO2 emissions per London borough.
  3. Using PDF files - visualizing water stock in New Zealand over time.
  4. Data cleanup using Tableau and adding interactivity to dashboards.
  5. Telling stories with data using Tableau.
  6. Using Tableau to build a Curriculum Vitae.

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