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Hello, World!

I've decided to learn to code.

  Garrett Mayock posted 2018-11-28 21:08:11 UTC

I've had this domain and hosting service set up for ten days now. In that time, I've learned how to:

Wow! What a crazy fun few days it's been. Turns out, I really enjoy learning this stuff.

But what's the point of all this? Well, for some time I've been working as a business analyst with developers. And I close as I could get to speaking their language, words always felt so inadequate compared to prototypes.

Now, I'm not trying to get into website development, or the like. But building a website serves two main purposes:

  1. I get to learn how to develop in one of the most ubiquitous tech stacks out there
  2. I get to prove that I can

I get to prove I can

Here it is. Here's what I can do in about sixty hours of effort, using languages I've never used before, doing things I've never done before.

Now, I mean, sure, there are quicker ways to set up a blog. And there's still plenty of functionality I could add to this blogging feature in order to make it more robust. But having an incredible MCS not the point. The point is to learn.

The next steps won't focus on developing the blog functionality at all, actually. Instead, now I feel ready to dive into a language I really want to learn - Python.

What will I build in Python? A tic-tac-toe game? A back-propagating neural network to read hand-written digits? Who knows! Check back soon!


PS - if you want to see proof this works, you can register and submit your own blog posts to my website! They'll only be readable to you (while you're logged in), because, well, duh, but check it out! See it work :)

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