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Another relatively simple exercise from to add to my portfolio

  Garrett Mayock posted 2019-05-07 19:46:48 UTC


I'm currently earning the "Data Analyst – Python" certification through and part of their process is including a guided project for each course section. Yesterday I completed the guided project for the "Python for Data Science: Fundamentals" course, and today I created the guided project for the "Python for Data Science: Intermediate" course.

Case description

This project has four parts:

Note: in traditional data science projects, there'd be some model creating and evaluation phase at the end (for an example, see the blog on my last project, created independently of Dataquest, or the project itself, My Vacation Planner). However, this course is really just focused on building the intermediate Python skills for data analytics and data science. Because of that, this project omits any data science.

I compare these two types of posts to determine the following:


The 3pm hour in the US Eastern Time Zone receives the most posts. Ask HN posts receive the most comments if posted in the 3pm hour, but Show HN posts receive more comments if posted earlier in the day.


My Kaggle Notebook (see code and thought process):

Source Data:

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