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A relatively simple exercise to add to my portfolio

  Garrett Mayock posted 2019-05-06 19:55:21 UTC


I'm currently earning the "Data Analyst – Python" certification through and part of their process is including a guided project for each course section. I just completed the "Python for Data Science: Fundamentals" course, and created a basic project in Python.

Case description

This project has four parts:

Note: in traditional data science projects, there'd be some model creating and evaluation phase at the end (for an example, see the blog on my last project, created independently of Dataquest, or the project itself, My Vacation Planner). However, this course is really just focused on building the fundamentals of Python for data analytics and data science. Because of that, this first project omits any data science.

This project looks at iOS and Android mobile apps from the perspective of an analyst for a company which builds free mobile apps and makes money from ad revenue on those mobile apps.

To this end, I analyze free apps by number of users to determine which kinds of apps are likely to attract more users.


To see my work in detail, please check out my Kaggle kernel here:

Here's the source data for Google Play:

Here's the source data for the App Store:

What's next?

Besides some interviews this week and next (at least one very promising position and another with potential), I'll continue trying to network, build a portfolio, and continue learning. If you're reading this and would like to connect, please reach out to me on my LinkedIn here:

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