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Finding your dream vacation destination (with NLP)

Making the prediction algorithm was the easy part.

  Garrett Mayock posted 2019-05-06 03:33:33 UTC

My Vacation Planner

Know what kind of vacation you want to experience, but not where to find it? Write a review of your dream vacation and use My Vacation Planner to find a match!

The planner takes in written descriptions (in a "review" format) of your dream vacation and returns a recommended destination. There are a few sample reviews at the bottom of the page for you to play around with to get a hang of it.


What it took to get done

Normally my blogs are about the model I create. I'm going to direct you to my Kaggle notebook for that and give a quick rundown of the effort it took to get this going.

I'll start by giving credit where credit is due. Data comes from Datafiniti and the idea was seeded from a free webinar by The webinar led the attendees to the part of my Kaggle notebook titled "Model Review", after which the work is all mine. I also decided on my own to build a separate model for each season.

However, to actually make this part of my portfolio, I had to go a bit above and beyond "just creating a model".

Here's a quick summary of what I had to do:

Here's what happens every time a user submits a review for analysis:

I'd never done any of that stuff before, so it was really exciting to get a chance to do so many new things! Especially for something as fun as this.

Okay, now go play around on it!

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