Garrett Mayock's Personal Site

Je ne parle pas fran├žais

Hi everyone! I'm Garrett Mayock, and I felt like coding. So I did ... this. This site thing. Where you are right now. It's my personal site, but I'll talk about work stuff on it too. Check out my About Me for more on the work stuff.

Quick word of caution - this site is designed for Brave and Chrome. Testing was intermittently done on Firefox, then I ran into some annoying issues. Long story short, I gave up on supporting Firefox. Frankly, front-end isn't my end-goal, anyway, so what the heck.

Which brings up another point. Check out Brave. It's good. Takes the ads, trackers, etc, right on out.

Or at least it appears to. What do I know? I'm not a scientist!!!    . . .  Not yet, at least. And there may be issues with sites with Javascript. But really that's just protection.

Anyway. This site is a playground for me. Currently it's got the following features:

I'll be updating that list as things get added.

Also, any prospective employer: feel free to ask for a code review!

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